Imperial Health Sciences offers a consulting service for warehouse and distribution management. We offer technical assistance to the public healthcare sector, focused on warehousing, distribution and inventory planning. Imperial Health Sciences is active in delivering healthcare and storage solutions to donor-funded projects in developing countries. As part of our drive to bring public health care closer to people in underserved areas, we have developed Warehouse-in-a-Box™, one of our flagship products for infrastructure in Africa and listed by USAID on its preferred products list.


In many developing countries there is a pressing need for public health warehouse facilities which meet the requirements for effective, GMP quality assured pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution. Public healthcare practitioners are faced with a growing burden of complex disease management, aggravated by ageing infrastructures and a severe shortage of pharmaceutical warehousing capacity. Without sustainable warehousing infrastructure and supply chain systems in place, practitioners in the field cannot access a safe, secure, reliable supply of medicines in line with international compliance standards.


Our innovative Warehouse-in-a Box™ (WiB) is a turnkey solution that delivers the infrastructure, equipment and support services to rapidly erect a fully functional, ready-to-use, pharmaceutical warehouse and operational service that can easily be located closer to the points of care. Our WiBs, which can stand alone or complement existing infrastructure, provide fully compliant, world class storage and operational facilities.

WiB comprises pre-engineered modular components and fittings that can be erected quickly and easily and can be fully maintained and operated by local personnel. WiB allows for effective management of local medical supply chain needs to ensure a reliable quantity and quality of pharmaceutical stock. While WiB has been developed for rural use, its standards and operational benchmarks are aligned with international supply chain principles.


The pre-engineered modular units are transported in containers to a chosen site. Prior to delivery the site needs to be prepared to comply with ground specifications and have access roads, electricity, water and sewage points in place. Imperial Health Sciences WiB team assembles the infrastructure, installs the fittings, equipment and systems, implements the processes, establishes the operating procedures and delivers a fully functioning facility, much faster than conventional building methods.

Imperial Health Sciences also implements intensive skills training to prepare the local team (usually 6-8 people) to manage the WiB, covering technical and operational skills, key performance indicators and compliance. To ensure long term sustainability, we conduct ad hoc performance audits and supply ongoing coaching and support.  


Each WiB design specification is developed in line with the critical success factors of the client’s supply chain needs. Our WiB components are modular, allowing for the erection anything from 500m2 to 2,500m2 of pharmaceutical warehouse space, including receiving, dispatch, storage and office areas. The components consist of cast-in-place and prefabricated material with a reinforced concrete substructure and a superstructure of steel columns, beams, trusses and Chromadek cladding and roofing. The materials are insulated, rust-resistant, lightweight and low maintenance. Fittings include steel pallet racking, a generator, UPS, CCTV surveillance and security equipment, air conditioning, materials handling equipment, fire protection and pest control equipment, as well as standard fittings and furniture for offices, WCs and other rooms.

Warehouse-in-a-Box™ offers a cost-effective and competitive solution to enhancing public healthcare supply chain delivery. View PDF