Unjani Clinic: Orange Farm directions

Contact person: Cynthia Yeko (071 506 6863)

  • Take N1 Bloemfontein
  • At the tollgate, take ennerdale exit and then turn right
  • At the first set of robots turn left
  • Continue on this road for about 2km (you will see the first “Boxer sign” – DO NOT turn at this boxer sign the one you are going to turn at is the second one)
  • Drive until you see a large overhead bridge
  • Pass the bridge and turn left where at the second “Boxer sign”
  • Follow the road (it winds and you will see a cash build on your RHS)
  • At the stop street turn left (the main station will be on your LHS and a male circumcision clinic on your RHS)
  • Continue until you see Pick n Pay on your LHS
  • Pass through the robot past the garage on your LHS and you will see the clinic on your left
  • Stand no.15546, Palm drive, Ext3, orange Farm

Note: the clinic’s neighbour is an upholsterer and you will see chairs and couches in the yard.