Unjani Clinic

Imperial Health Sciences as a corporate citizen of South Africa identifies with the national objective to transform South Africa both socially and economically. We believe the economic wellbeing of South Africa depends on the quality of the collective contribution of its people. Our approach to business is about prioritizing and encouraging the adoption of triple bottom line accounting practices to measure our impact in both economic and social value within the supply chain in which we operate.

We adopt a holistic approach to corporate social investment and situate all our efforts within the larger transformation agenda of South Africa. We leverage both the Socio-Economic Development and Enterprise Development components of the scorecard to allocate our funds to our Unjani Clinic project. This enables us to achieve maximum impact and adopt a process based approach to CSR and development rather than short term interventions. The process approach encourages sustainability which is vital if our development interventions are to have a long term positive affect on the communities being targeted.

Primary healthcare, women and children have been identified as core areas of focus within the communities in which we operate. Central to the Imperial Health Sciences CSR approach is addressing the needs of women and children as well as building the necessary capacity for today and the future. Empowerment and education underpin these focus areas as without education and training today we cannot build capacity for the future. In all instances Imperial Health Sciences shall focus on these areas of intervention within our own supply chain to strengthen and empower our supply chain partners with not only education and training, but also practical guidance and mentorship.

In line with the “Imperial Health Sciences Cares Principles”, Imperial Health Sciences commits to Investing in our People, Places and Planet. Our aim is to empower communities both who work for Imperial Health Sciences and in areas in which Imperial Health Sciences operates.