Imperial Health Sciences’ Framework for Sustainability pledges to:

Constantly review all business processes to reduce Imperial Health Sciences’ dependency on the consumption of products that impact the environment negatively”

Objectives of the policy:

  • Eliminate or minimize harmful effects of our activities upon employees, customers, neighbours and the public
  • Continually improving our safety, health and environmental performance
  • Manage and operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Prevent wherever possible, or otherwise minimize, mitigate and remediate harmful effects of our operations on the environment
  • Minimize our consumption of materials, fuel, energy and water

Imperial Health Sciences employs a full time, on site waste management team from EnviroServ. The waste management team collects, sorts and segregates all waste streams at a centralized on site waste station. Segregated waste streams are then collected and delivered to various external waste disposal depots.

Imperial Health Sciences has reduced the amount of waste generated from our operations from an average of 48.83 tonnes per month in 2011 to 26.28 tonnes in February 2013. IMPERIAL Health Sciences currently recycles between 70 – 80% of all waste produced by our operations.

Imperial Health Sciences is currently replacing old energy consuming lighting fixtures with energy efficient alternatives such as LED flood lights in our car parks and on our perimeter fence, and low wattage LED down lighters in our offices and administration areas.

LED lighting will help Imperial Health Sciences to reduce our operational electricity consumption and will have a lesser impact on the environment as well.  

Imperial Health Sciences now uses the Imperial Sustainability Management System. This management system documents the amount of electricity, petrol or diesel the Imperial Health Sciences operations consumes per month. The management system also records Imperial Health Sciences business air travel and the Tonne-Kilometres traveled by subcontractors (RTT Solutions) to distribute Imperial Health Sciences products every month.

This management system allows Imperial Health Sciences to monitor and measure the amount of Green House Gases (kg GHG) that the Imperial Health Sciences operations emits every month, and updates our overall carbon footprint automatically.