Public Healthcare Consulting

Public Healthcare Consulting

Imperial Health Sciences’ public healthcare consultants provide the research, analysis and solutions development that contributes to Imperial Health Sciences’  position as a premier African healthcare logistics company.

One of our primary activities is in developing supply chain solutions for public healthcare projects across Africa. Here we offer technical assistance across the pharmaceutical supply chain to local Ministries of Health, donor organisations and NGOs. Imperial Health Sciences drives out inefficiencies in supply chain, warehousing and distribution and ensure that essential medication (in particular ARVs) reaches the people who need them.


Imperial Health Sciences is honoured to be a partner in the US-based Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) initiative that was set up to deliver for PEPFAR, the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief initiated by President Bush. Since 2005 we have provided warehousing and distribution of ARVs to depots and treatment sites in over 26 African countries. We play a critical role in supplying technical assistance, providing infrastructure, installing and implementing systems, building a skills base and providing training and change management. Our systems are an integral part of PEPFAR, reducing stockouts, building capacity, improving efficiencies, reducing costs, delivering more drugs and saving more lives.


Imperial Health Sciences is an African company, fully committed to building capacity across the continent. We have an in-depth understanding of the countries we work in and are well positioned to manage the complexities and challenges of the public health supply chain in under-resourced environments with limited infrastructure.

Imperial Health Sciences focuses on three broad requirements for public healthcare consulting:

Warehousing and distribution in-country

We offer technical assistance with warehousing and distribution solutions, delivering customised operational implementation, inventory management and network optimisation. Our consultants are practitioners, not theorists, who apply their acumen and knowledge of local and international best practice to deliver measurable bottom line results.

Identification and meeting of training needs

We develop and deliver customised and accredited supply chain logistics courses covering a full spectrum of skills, from basic concepts to post-graduate management training. Our trainers are all expert practitioners in the field, skilled in practical, hands-on, case-study-driven learning.

Dedicated to building a skills base in this sector, we have harnessed a pool of international consultants to implement skills transfer in all our projects.

Warehousing and storage turnkey solutions

We have developed a range of products that can deliver affordable, fully compliant and fully operational pharmaceutical warehousing, storage and clinic infrastructure to remote locations throughout Africa. Our warehousing standards and operational benchmarks are aligned with international supply chain principles.

The hallmark of our work in public healthcare is that we build capacity and develop solutions that can be sustained by local communities into the future.