Imperial Health Sciences lives the vision of affording dignity and a better life for all Africa’s people through our employee wellness programmes, community projects and environmental sustainability initiatives.
Our medical aid and provident fund schemes ensure our people are aware of and act on matters pertaining to their wellbeing. Our community projects such as the Unjani clinics provide care beyond our business premises to our patients.
Imperial Health Sciences is committed to environmentally responsible practices such as improved waste handling and embarking on cleaner, progressively safer ways of doing business.
Imperial Health Sciences will continue to invest in our people, our planet and our patients because Imperial Health Sciences Cares.
For our current and future employees, Imperial Health Sciences aspires to be an employer of choice. Imperial Health Sciences will be the company to work for.
Imperial Health Sciences continues to build an environment that attracts, and retains hard working, committed and diverse talent. We recognize that effective and high performing teams are built on diversity of people, skill and perspective.
Imperial Health Sciences leaders nurture a culture of critical thinking by acknowledging continuous improvement, and investing in thought leadership initiatives.
We acclaim our ‘IHS... and Proud!’ heroes that enable our business to sustain the secure delivery of quality medicines to the people of Africa.

Developing and nurturing the calibre of our people will be our strength. Imperial Health Sciences’ vision for business growth involves a significant investment in our people. Our Peoples Pathway ensures we recruit and retain the right people. Our Leadership engages talented people in coaching and mentoring of others.

It a significant feature of our culture to capacitate and build fitness for each job purpose, nurture and guide talent through clear job profiles and KPI's as well as through flexible careers allowing for substantive work experience. Our leadership programmes are continuously under review in order to sustain an agile and dynamic leadership pipeline of leader-specialist and leader-managers.

The Supply Chain Academy offers the below training: 
Warehouse-in-a box training. It is five weeks of training and policy development to ensure sustainability in the warehouse.
Supply Chain Performance Improvement Programme. There are 28 Modules and two training experts. Delegates complete warehouse audits and development to ISO standards. Training methodology will consist of an onsite pre-course and post-course delivery visit.
Certificate in Supply Chain specialising in Logistics. This is a 2 year qualification, developed in conjunction with CIPS and the daVinci Institute.
B Com Supply Chain specialising in Logistics. This is a 3 year qualification, developed in conjunction with CIPS and the daVinci Institute.
Post Graduate qualification in Supply Chain. Partnering with GIBS Business school which accounts to a third of an MBA.
Imperial Health Sciences is committed to training and building the capacity of our people to optimise the investment in technology.
One of Imperial Health Sciences’ pillars of excellence is Management Information Systems (MIS). Our IT and systems enable us to do the work our clients expect of us and to draw and deliver credible reports.
Our Anchor programme targets key resources from across the value-chain for comprehensive systems super-user training: It is an “Innovative approach to expanding people capacity by anchoring the bridge of respect between MIS and Business”.