Strengthening Healthcare Delivery

An essential foundation to strengthening Healthcare services in developing countries is to provide effective infrastructure which enables:

  • Primary healthcare facilities within walking distances of patients
  • Access to essential services provided in the appropriate clinical environment
  • Access to required essential medication at the point of care, stored in pharmaceutically compliant environments 

The Solution

The innovative Clinic-in-a Box™ solution provides a ready to use clinic and dispensary unit which are rapidly erected in the field and fully maintainable by the community in the long term as required. The fully kitted clinic and dispensary units are transported in a container to the identified site and rapidly erected.  During this process a local resource is trained on maintenance and provided with a kit for potential repairs.

The installation is managed by a small assembly team who are experienced in the process.

The solution is modular enabling quick additions if further demand arises and the number of units and use can be determined at the time of order to create a single or multiple unit Healthcare complexes.

The outcome is a regulatory compliant, robust structure deployed for immediate healthcare service delivery.